Accounting Software for Medium Sized organisations

£5m-£30m/annum income organisation

NetSuite is the number one choice for midsize charities and social enterprises to run their accounting, FP&A, CRM and ecommerce applications in the cloud.

When a team of expert systems accountants implement the system, businesses and charities can expect to see cost reductions and efficiency gains from NetSuite.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite ERP is an award-winning finance system created by Oracle. At its core, it is a cloud-based finance system that offers secure, transparent, and live data to clients. With all the data securely stored as a single source of truth in the cloud, finance team no longer manually reconcile spreadsheets at the month end. Not only does this save organisations valuable time and resources, it also gives them the opportunity to explore financial planning and analysis.

However, as it is an example of Enterprise Resource Planning Software specifically built and used by 2,800+ charities and social enterprises, it also has native modules for CRM, project management, fund management, budgeting and more. These modules can be turned on when your charity or social enterprise needs them, giving a large amount of flexibility.


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Integrated Approach

Say goodbye to manually spreadsheet work, and hello to automatic updates around funds, expenses, income, budgeting and more. Having CRM, fund management, grant management, expense management, budgeting and more all within the same system not only saves employees valuable time but also eliminates costly errors.


Cloud Based

All the data sits within the cloud as a single source of truth. An advantage for clients is they do not need to invest in any physical data storing infrastructure or in house technical support because all the data is securely overseen by Oracle and all software updates are instantaneously installed. Finance teams and front-line budget holders particularly benefit from the cloud-based approach because they are free from the most repetitive parts of accounts reconciliation and budget holders can be granted relevant access to their real-time budgets. And this approach applies internationally, with a single database offering multi-currency, multi-country and multi-entity.



The simplicity of NetSuite being a solution you adopt is that if your organisation’s processes adjust or expand, your back-end ERP system does not need to be redesigned. Whether it is human resourc, different capabilities can be added if and when you need them. In the cases where the system could be tweaked to fit your business need or if you are particularly used to a particular app, like Power BI, NetSuite can also be developed and tweaked or can have integrations with other systems with an OPI and included API. Please get in touch if you want to find out more about our developer services.


Why Cloud Doing Good?

We are the only charity and social enterprise NetSuite specialist in the world. This gives us a unique insight into the steps charities need to take to fully utilise Oracle NetSuite.

To ensure that our clients achieve success, our clients work with our expert systems accountants. Our team is based in the UK and is made up of former Big 4 (and Accenture) accountants and consultants.


For organisations that have complex needs, especially small charities and social enterprises, having a solution which can be used before, during and after rapid growth is difficult to find. One of NetSuite’s largest advantages over its competitors is its scalability. As the volume of transactions increases and financial needs become more complex, the software can comfortably support an increasing load. NetSuite allows modules and Suite Apps to be added and modified as an organisation’s needs changes. You pay for the modules you need, and


Simple Implementation

For smaller charities, an implementation can take as little as 20 days. This speed comes from our “adopt not adapt” approach. We are not building a new finance system but are just moving your data onto a new cloud-based system. However, as systems accountants, we also know that the data in charities is always different. And we don’t scrimp on time or effort on getting the data right. And particularly if the charity is using the new finance software to change the chart of accounts, there should be time allowed for training, testing of new data structure etc.


Cloud Based Accessibility

New IT systems can be daunting prospects. With some requiring complex, on site care, a team of dedicated engineers and custom-built software, it is no surprise that many organisations eschew systems upgrades. With a cloud solution like NetSuite, all physical infrastructure, software updates and security are handled by Oracle, reducing the cost and risk to your organisation.




I've been using Accounting Software for the past two years to manage the finances of my small business, and I couldn't be more pleased with its performance. Accounting Software offers a seamless and intuitive interface that simplifies even the most complex accounting tasks.

Helen Pen



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