Accounting Software for Small Sized organisations

£1m-£5m/annum income organisations

Powerful cloud accounting software for smaller organisations implemented with systems accountants

If your organisation has an income of £1-5 million/annum but are being held back by spreadsheets and manual processes, look no further.

NetSuite and Cloud Doing Good provide a simple to implement and affordable solution for smaller charities that have outgrown their legacy finance system but don't require a complex and expensive custom built finance system.

Our expert systems accountants are with you from initial conversations, through implementation to first month end and beyond. Working with you to ensure the system and your finance data is structured to meet your organisation’s needs.

And as you grow, so does NetSuite.


And cost?

There are two costs:

  • Licenses. Donations and discounts are available for qualifying charities and social enterprises
  • Implementation and support. We invest in UK based systems accountants, not sales.
  • We consistently win competitive tenders in the £1m+ income/annum range

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Why NetSuite

NetSuite is a popular accounting system, enjoyed by over a million users. Smaller organisations benefit from it being a cost effective, easy to use and infinitely scalable solution. Also they get exactly the same core software as large charities, with deep discounts combining with all the benefits of a 1 million user system.

NetSuite employs a single source of truth model to data architecture, where all your financial data, such as chart of accounts, is stored in the cloud and is instantly accessible by those with the right permissions.

Professional services automation, secure data handling and even CRM are all extensions of the system, which you can utilise when you are ready.



For organisations that have complex needs, especially small charities and social enterprises, having a solution which can be used before, during and after rapid growth is difficult to find. One of NetSuite’s largest advantages over its competitors is its scalability. As the volume of transactions increases and financial needs become more complex, the software can comfortably support an increasing load. NetSuite allows modules and Suite Apps to be added and modified as an organisation’s needs changes. You pay for the modules you need, and


Simple Implementation

For smaller charities, an implementation can take as little as 20 days. This speed comes from our “adopt not adapt” approach. We are not building a new finance system but are just moving your data onto a new cloud-based system. However, as systems accountants, we also know that the data in charities is always different. And we don’t scrimp on time or effort on getting the data right. And particularly if the charity is using the new finance software to change the chart of accounts, there should be time allowed for training, testing of new data structure etc.


Cloud Based Accessibility

New IT systems can be daunting prospects. With some requiring complex, on site care, a team of dedicated engineers and custom-built software, it is no surprise that many organisations eschew systems upgrades. With a cloud solution like NetSuite, all physical infrastructure, software updates and security are handled by Oracle, reducing the cost and risk to your organisation.

Why Cloud Doing Good?

We are Oracle NetSuite’s only dedicated charity and social impact provider in the world. We are UK based with decades of combined Oracle NetSuite experience, ensuring that our solutions are industry leading.

Our clients benefit from our expertise in their sectors, and the unique challenges they face compared to businesses.

Donor reporting, grant management and multi-subsidiary organisations are all processes we are adept at training users to use within the platform.

Systems Accountants

We are unique for our focus on using systems accountants as a core part of our services. Our ex Big 4 accountants and consultants speak the same language as your finance teams. They know the needs and challenges accountants face with implementing a new system, where this is especially useful for smaller organisations that may have small finance teams. With Cloud Doing Good, the same systems accountants are involved all the way through from procurement to live month end, reducing the gaps between sales, implementation, and customer support.

Good Growth

We are proponents of using NetSuite to drive growth, but NetSuite is also an engine for sustainable growth. As a finance system, NetSuite is a powerful tool, but it is also an opportunity for smaller organisations to track and analyse their ESG metrics without the need for custom built software.

Client Focused

People are at the heart of our ethos. From the initial sell to hypercare after the go live, we place our client’s needs at the centre of any service. In practice, this means we focus on the issues or aims they have, then we work on implementing a solution around the goal. As our team is based in the UK, we are also able to offer onsite visits where needed to assess client needs and to see in person how the client leverages the system.



Can't recommend Oracle Netsuite and the amazing team at Cloud Doing Good enough. They really know how to support your charity to move forward. With the help of Cloud Doing Good, we understood where we are and it helped us grow. It's not just what we think, we see the system and understand what we have to do.

Lynne Govus



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