Aligning Fundraising/Sales and Income

Great Sales/Fundraising, Flat Income. If your CRM system is showing great sales/fundraising but your organization’s income is not lifting to the same extent, we can help. We use the latest L&D Plan to Income methodology to lift income.

No more gap between what the CRM system says and Finance system income.

We link:

  • Income. Budget to Actuals. The ‘true’ Finance numbers.
  • Sales/Fundraising.  Opportunities ‘Won’. The CRM numbers.
  • L&D. People. The ‘How’ of helping front line individuals deliver true income growth.

We analyze sales/fundraiser’s individual strengths and weaknesses in the end to end process. We share the strengths, tweak the weaknesses.

We can also link Spend and Impact to Fundraising, to further assist with obtaining income via grants, endowment funds and donations.

And we provide real time, individualized dashboards to celebrate individuals contribution to income growth!

It is that simple.