Case Studies

In our experience, ‘last mile’ alignment with client’s needs is the most difficult element. You don’t want to be changing core code and in true Cloud offerings, you don’t. Below is a small selection of the ‘last mile’ outcomes we’ve recently successfully delivered.

Data Migration
Migrated 20 legacy finance databases across the globe across to NetSuite , with a penny perfect outcome.

Invoice Lodgement

Created simple global invoice lodgement system, including approvals and aging of approvals.


Simple approach for ‘micro budgeting’ (eg trips) with approval routings and easy reconciliation of actual spends back to the micro budgets.

Cash Reconciliation

Pragmatic approach for matching bank cash receipts to fit with client’s existing processes on either vendor bills or sales invoices, to ease reconciliation.

We live in a mobile world: we fully exploit the native Oracle/NetSuite mobile app (in addition to using other integrated apps on occasion) to provide an enhanced mobile experience for end users (particularly around expense reports, mini budget approvals, invoice lodgement and purchase order requests).

Billing system replacement

Seamlessly replace a 15 year old legacy billing system, penny perfect in NetSuite including replicating complex billing calculations within NetSuite .

CRM and Finance

We have implemented full order management between NetSuite and Salesforce, to address the gap between what the sales guys think they have sold and what arrives in the bank account.  We have replaced Microsoft Dynamics with Oracle/NetSuite , to provide sales and account management teams with Customer 360, further aligning Finance, Sales and Marketing.

NetSuite Implementation

We have developed a client-led approach to NetSuite implementation.  We layer training and knowledge transfer to your internal resources on top of best practice ‘out of the box’ implementation.