Commercial Services

Best of Both Worlds

For our clients we bring together the quality and safety of the worlds most deployed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Netsuite with the personal and focussed level service of an SME Consultancy.

We also work in both commercial and NfP sectors, sharing the knowledge and experience to benefit all.

In our experience, ‘last mile’ alignment with client’s needs is the most difficult element. You don’t want to be changing core code and in true Cloud offerings, you don’t. Below is a small selection of the ‘last mile’ outcomes we’ve recently successfully delivered.

Data Migration

We specialise in platform transition and using historical data reconciliation to de-risk go live.

Invoice Lodgement

Created simple global invoice lodgement system, including approvals and aging of approvals.


Simple approach for ‘micro budgeting’ (e.g. trips) with approval routings and easy reconciliation.


Subscription and time-based billing, including revenue recognition.

Resource Planning

Resource allocation, planning, project costing and utilisation.

CRM and Finance

Single database CRM and Finance.


We live in a mobile world: we fully exploit the native Oracle/Netsuite mobile app (in addition to using other integrated apps on occasion) to provide an enhanced mobile experience for end users.

NetSuite Implementation

The Cloud Doing Good implementation methodology is a proven data and outcome focussed methodology, designed to de-risk the platform transition.

Commercial Clients

“My team was spending far too much time pulling together figures from different spreadsheets and IT systems – each telling me something different! Iain and his team resolved the issue on-time and on-budget. Now, all reporting is automatic and accurate, giving me everything I need in one place and enabling me to focus completely on growing my organisation.”

– Richard Gore Managing Director BT Local Business

Why Netsuite

Netsuite uses Leading Practices based on 1000s of hours of practical accountancy practice which can short cut the amount implementation time for a new financial management system. Not only does this reduce time, expense and complexity, it also provides NfP organisations with detailed workflows and practices, pre-configured reports, forms and dashboards meaning that Finance leaders can spend more time on creating transformational value for their organisation.