Blackbaud ransomware attack now more than 100 charities involved

Blackbaud, a cloud technology company used by many charities, recently confirmed that bank details and passwords may have been stolen in a security hack although the company believes credit card information was not affected.

Details of the attack

The affected information may not have been encrypted prior to the attack.

The attack took place over the course of several months and was only discovered in May, and the attack has now resurfaced with new information coming out. Blackbaud originally paid the ransomware and confirmed bank details were not leaked.

In its original statement, Blackbaud stated that its security team mitigated the damage and expelled the attackers. Additionally, it claimed it paid off the hackers to protect its clients, and that the hackers did not access sensitive data. However, they acknowledged hackers did copy a subset of client data.

The attack was one of the biggest of the year in terms of the number of organisations affected including a large number of charities. Blackbaud previously reported that it paid the ransom, but also claimed and received “confirmation” that the stolen personal data “had been destroyed”.

This week Blackbaud confirmed that the stolen data also included bank account data and far more personally identifiable information than the company first thought.

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