Charities request extension for submitting annual returns

The Charity Commission has approved over 2,000 requests from charities for an extension of the deadline to submit their annual return documents due to the impact of Covid-19.

The Charity Commission is continuing to take a flexible approach to regulation and has been doing so since March 2020. Charities continue to be under severe pressure during the pandemic, this is particularly so with fiancé teams who are frequently remodelling and re-budgeting during the dynamic economic environment.

If a charity has all the information available to submit the documents on time then it should do so however, the Commission will accept requests for extensions providing the charity has not already missed its filing deadline when asking for the extension.

It has said that no charity will be penalised for missing its deadline during this period. The extensions are not time-bound, and the situation is continually under review. As an immediate step, charities that are due to submit an Annual Return imminently, but feel unable to do so, can email requesting a filing extension.

Please include your charity name and charity registration number when you email:

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