Fundraising Regulator publishes new guidance

The Fundraising Regulator and Chartered Institute of Fundraising have published guidance around the return of in-person events, community fundraising and cash collections.

The move follows the resumption of public fundraising as part of the government’s easing of lockdown.


The cash collections guidance aims to ensure that this form of fundraising activity can be carried out safely and to protect the wellbeing of fundraiser and the public.

This includes urging fundraising organisations to carry out risk assessments as well as documenting and being prepared to explain their decisions.

The advice also encourages charities to consider innovative ways of collecting cash, such as using contactless card options or payments via secure links.

“You should consider if and when alternative donation methods can be used to avoid or minimise the need to handle and process cash, such as collecting boxes that offer a contactless card payment option or using a tablet that is on a stand, ensuring that you clean it before and after each use,” says the guidance.

“Staff and volunteers should clean and sanitise cash donation collecting boxes before and after being handled,” it adds.

Meanwhile, the events and community fundraising guidance covers good practice for charities staging sponsored runs, quiz nights, summer fetes and other in-person fundraising.

This also specifies the need to carry out risk assessments to address “all relevant issues and setting out procedures to ensure that any activity can happen in a safe way”.

It also urges organisers to consult fundraising teams, partners and volunteers to ensure they have the right training, equipment and time to prepare.

It adds: “Have you considered the public mood and the likely appetite and reception from your supporters/participants/attendees for this type of activity? Have you assessed the interest of your supporters in attending or participating in the event you have in mind?”

The CIoF and Fundraising Regulator have recently updated their public fundraising guidance and advice on the key principles of fundraising.

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