How to implement an agile charity finance system: on demand webinar

Charities need to become more adaptive and strategically flexible to deliver on their missions in these challenging times and finance teams need an agile solution to support them.

Join us for the next in our series of webinars specifically for charity finance teams. Make sure you follow best practice with Iain Goldmann and Susan Ainsley in identifying the issues in your current organisation and how to start on your journey to becoming an agile finance team.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Challenges in working practices currently facing charity finance teams and how to tackle them
  • Best practice for finance teams to become agile: Build, Engage, Consume, Optimise
  • Some best practice examples
  • Establishing your timeline: there’s never a good time to start the change – it’s always a good time to start the change

This webinar is available on-demand, click here to view.

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