JustGiving launches free donation processing service for charities

JustGiving has launched a free service that allows charities to process donations outside the JustGiving website.

Giving Checkout is a new service designed to make it easier for charities and donors to support one another outside the JustGiving platform.

Charities can implement Giving Checkout on their websites, social media and other digital channels, plus promote it offline with a simple web address or QR code.

The benefits include:

  • This works for standard donations (for fundraising or sponsorship you would still use JustGiving)
  • Donations can be one-off or regular and multiple currencies are supported
  • The donor does not need to create a JustGiving account
  • Gift Aid can be claimed on qualifying donations
  • You can promote it with a web address or QR code, from your website, emails, other social media or other digital channels
  • Payments will be made weekly
  • Donors will be given the option to cover processing costs

The ability to also access 100% of their donor data, in addition to eliminating payment processing fees, is a first for the sector. This additional donor insight will help charities make informed strategic decisions about how they can get the most out of raising money online via their direct donors.

To see if this could work for you find out more on the JustGiving Checkout website.

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