Legacy communications – charities should avoid these mistakes

Recent research identifies that many charities are making mistakes in legacy communications; improving on this can have significant financial benefits for charities.

In early 2020, Legacy Foresight partnered with Legacy Voice to mystery shop the top 50 legacy charities, to see how well they performed when responding to an initial enquiry for more information on leaving a gift in a Will.

They evaluated the quality of communications received, and also the timing and accuracy to get a sense of the initial supporter experience that many potential legacy donors receive, and how different charities compare to each other.

It found that one in 10 charities did not respond to requests for further information, and charities made other “basic” mistakes, including misspelling names and titles, and has delays in sending out brochures.

The research found that research revealed that on average only 40% of pledgers and 5% of prospects went on to leave a bequest.

Legacy Voice, commented, “The legacy brochure is a key part of your legacy fundraising collateral. It’s a great opportunity – and sometimes the only opportunity – to inspire people with the potential of legacy giving.

“It can share the impact gifts in wills can make to the organisation, and, just as importantly, how legacy giving can meet their need to make a difference to a cause that mattered to them and carry on their influence, long into the future.”

Full details of the Legacy Inspire project, and findings can be found here.

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