Netsuite Pricing Guide

NetSuite is a cloud-based software solution used by more than 1 million users across tens of thousands of organisations. This includes more than 2,800 charities and socially minded businesses, our area of specialism.

NetSuite allows you to bring together all of your key business processes such as your accounts, customer management, eCommerce, funds management and stock management into one, easy to use piece of software.

As an award-winning NetSuite Partner and NetSuite’s sole specialist social impact partner, we are well positioned to help you decide which solution suits you best, assist you in the purchase process including special discounts for charities and socially minded businesses, and implement and customise NetSuite.

NetSuite’s Pricing Is Simple And Predictable; Here’s How It Works:

NetSuite is Software as a Service and runs on a subscription-based pricing model -such as Spotify or Netflix-, you pay for the ability to access and use its features. You pay annually on a subscription basis for your NetSuite user licenses and your NetSuite modules. Subject to approval, we can also sometimes provide 0% finance with deferred payment terms, to aid cash flow of upgrading legacy software.

A price increase cannot occur within the term that you sign for, being a minimum of one year. Further, there are contractual terms that give price certainty for many years. As with most contracts, the longer you commit, the better pricing and price security you will gain.

Save Time And Resources

By choosing NetSuite you eliminate the need for an in-house server and related hardware, which can be very costly to set up and maintain. This is all taken care of for you, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected costs cropping up. In addition, as a ‘single source of truth’ database, you eliminate the costs associated with a ‘hairball’ of disconnected software. This principle allows NetSuite to run seamlessly across countries and subsidiaries as well as within countries: NetSuite is the only major software that allows unlimited UK subsidiaries (eg trading and charity entities) at no additional cost.

In addition, with managed and automatic updates you can be confident that you are always on the latest version of the software, which means you can significantly save on time and resources trying to keep your solutions up to date.

Further, NetSuite is designed to mitigate the costs and complexities in using disconnected software, removing error prone, manual work on spreadsheets as well as IT costs.

And the core software is automatically supported as part of the license fees.


Priced on your specific requirements:

NetSuite is a flexible product tailored to your individual organisation needs which means that the price depends on your specific requirements. Subscription length, number of users, and company size play a crucial role in the building of the quote. The recurring user and module licensing costs are paid annually on a subscription basis, which means they are predictable, and you always know where you stand.

Indicative Pricing:

Whilst pricing varies on need, with our experience in implementing NetSuite and as NetSuite’s specialist social impact partner, we can provide some indicative pricing.

License costs:

A small charity/social enterprise may have total license costs around £600-1,200/month + VAT, including all hardware, software, flexible database with its easy-to-use configuration engine, as well as all new releases and core support. In terms of features this include Core Financials, CRM, Billing, Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Expense Management, Approval Routings, Funds Management, Reporting, unlimited UK subsidiaries/GBP currency entities, partial VAT, API integration within the ‘single source of truth’ database. Everything that is needed to run an efficient, effective, impactful small charity/social enterprise, without an IT team.

A medium charity/social enterprise may have total license costs around £1,100-2,800/month + VAT. In addition to more users, this may also include more extensive integrations and additional modules (such as advance revenue management or more complex subscription billing). It may also include enhanced FP&A capabilities (eg scenario planning), in addition to transactional finance and budgeting.

A larger charity/social enterprise would need to be priced based on the size and number of users, number of countries, and extended modules that may be applicable. Our largest clients are using NetSuite globally across 50+ countries. Our pricing is cost effective compared to major Tier 1 ERPs (SAP, Microsoft F&O etc).

Our small clients have income in the £1-2m/annum range, and our larger clients have income in the £100-200m/annum range. The good thing about NetSuite is whatever an organisation’s income, they all benefit equally from the depth of investment, security and ease of use of products features from a software solution being used by more than 1 million users.


NetSuite implementation, customisation and training costs:

Our Founder is a Chartered Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, with its rich history since 1913, 'Championing better work and working lives'. Our approach at Cloud Doing Good focuses on enhancing work and lives through our services. Importantly, this doesn't mean higher costs. We invest in highly skilled professionals rather than large sales teams and management overheads. This approach is effective and cost-efficient for charities and socially minded businesses clients of all sizes, from small enterprises to large organizations.

As each customer is unique, the cost of your NetSuite implementation will vary depending on your individual organisational requirements. Our systems accountants are involved from the initial conversations ensuring that our work meets your specific needs exactly, so are quoted individually. Prices are agreed before the project commences.

Our approach for pricing, including small charities and social enterprises is to follow a structured methodology that ensures everything is covered, in the depth needed, with involvement of our systems accountants to the extend needed for your success.

  • Data. In our experience, data architecture and data migration (chart of accounts, segments, analysis codes) is crucial to success. We scope with you this work.
  • Engage Phase. This is the discovery phase.
  • Drive Phase. This is the configuration and customisation phase. Because Netsuite is a pre-built solution working across thousands of organisations and a million+ users, for many charities, this phase will be measured in days, not weeks or months. However, because NetSuite has a powerful configuration and customisation engine built over 25 years, the software has the capability to be configured by accountants, it can also accommodate the more unique needs of larger, complex organisations.
  • Enable Phase. This is the testing and training phase.
  • Convert Phase. This is the ‘hypercare’ post-cutover phase. Unlike many software vendors, the systems accountants involved during the project will be on hand to support the day job, not just the IT, through the first month ends.

Please note: This implementation cost can be spread by paying monthly, meaning the upfront implementation costs are removed.


Your NetSuite Customisation And Integration

Standard NetSuite functionality does not always cover your needs. With +50 combined years in supporting NetSuite including a deep focus on charities and social enterprises, we have developed customised bundles NetSuite Apps that are particularly relevant for our chosen specialism and broader customer needs. We also provide integrations with 3rd party software as part of our offering using NetSuite’s open, included API capabilities.

Ongoing Support

All organisations are different and will require different levels of support before, during and after the implementation. NetSuite always includes core support of the software during the license term, including all new releases and upgrades. NetSuite has Premium support available, and price is based on your software contract value -this comes in at a percentage of your annual subscription (some minimums apply). However, a common alternative is to use Cloud Doing Good if needed as this provides continuity and the personalised service of systems accountants that deeply know your system and your people.

If you wish to add or reallocate users, then this can be done easily at any time. If you wish to remove users, then this can be done on the renewal date of your subscription.

For those who you would name as “read-only users” all data contained in NetSuite can be exported into Excel or 3rd party applications. Also, reports can be scheduled and distributed in Excel, CSV, PDF, or Word.

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