The Key Skills in Successful Cloud ERP Project Teams

This is an interesting article by Jonathan Feldman, municipal CIO and consultant:

One of Jonathan’s key observations is that

‘The best technologists are also systems thinkers — they look at the world as a set of interrelated parts and understand that no one set of processes or code modules or anything else exists in a vacuum. Look for people who seek to map out and understand relationships and dependencies.’

We would extend this thinking to any ERP implementation and maximising the ongoing benefits of these systems including in non profits. ERP is, by definition, viewing end to end processes. For example, a standard Pledge or Grant to Cash process will pass through multiple hands from submission of an opportunity, through to the cash arriving in the bank. In configuring then ongoing optimising the system to meet the needs of all stakeholders from income generators (sales, fundraising, grant managers) through to finance people, a great ERP implementation and support team will have the breadth to consider both finance and non-finance needs.

In our view, a key element in successful ERP implementation is the ability and expertise in working across traditional separate departments, marrying the system and the people under one version of the truth.

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