Employee Expense Portal

Quite often front-line budget holders and volunteers need to make expense reports but are neither NetSuite trained nor authorised.

A web page portal allows these individuals to directly submit expense reports that are uploaded into NetSuite without them needing access to the system.

Features include:

    • The application is hosted within NetSuite so there is no external IT requirement.
    • The web page allows users to submit and edit their expense reports easily and simply.
    • The webpage allows for login/ password reset.
    • The portal allows receipts to be submitted with the expense report.
    • Priced - £120/month + VAT including up to 60 users (further pricing for more users available on request).
    It also allows for mileage calculations, should the expense report include fuel cost reimbursement.

    For employees or volunteers that need to be reimbursed in a different currency, this application allows for multi-currency expense reports.
    Contact us to integrate this app.