Grant Application Management Portal

Being able to make payments with strong audit trail and a link back to incoming funding is vital for organisations that support projects in need. NetSuite is already very well suited for INGOs because of its transparency, multi entity and multi currency funcationality and security capabilities. This application allows the entire grant making process to be bought within the same single NetSuite database, without any external IT or spreadsheet. With full in system audit trail and approvals being recorded, from requests for proposals all the way through to cash disbursement.

Features include:

The web portal allows grant applications to include project concepts. This streamlines the approvals process because the relevant evidence sits within the application, instead of being sent separately.

The Web Portal also allows for key details such as expense reports, budget details and narrative reports to be included as part of a grant application.

Because the customisation stems from NetSuite, the approval routing and reporting are all instantly added to NetSuite’s ledger, meaning your finance team does not have to manually reconcile approved grant applications.

And the outgoing grants seamlessly link in the one single database to incoming grants/funds.