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Cloud Doing Good are a systems accountant specialist team with 50+ years of combined Oracle-NetSuite experience. We combine Oracle-NetSuite certifications with professional accounting qualifications (CPA,CIMA). 

Our deeply experienced team offers system accountant led expertise, guidance, and support throughout the entire lifecycle of using NetSuite, ultimately helping finance teams improve efficiency, streamline operations, and achieve their strategic objectives. 

Read what our customers have to say about working with Cloud Doing Good, and how we help organisations achieve finance led transformation.

Who Are NetSuite Partners And What Do They Do?

NetSuite Partners

NetSuite Partners are authorised and recognised by Oracle NetSuite to offer a range of services related to the NetSuite platform, including implementation, customisation, training, support, and more. These NetSuite Consultants play a crucial role in helping organisations successfully adopt and leverage the NetSuite ERP system. 

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NetSuite is a versatile cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform that is used by more than 2,800 non profit organizations to improve their efficiency, streamline finance operations, and further their strategic objectives. Its comprehensive suite of modules makes it suitable for charities of different sizes, missions and locations. From small, local charities to global NGOs, NetSuite's versatility makes it a powerful system. One example of NetSuite's versatility is how NetSuite and Power BI can be linked together.


An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a software solution that integrates and centralises various processes and functions within an organisation. The primary goal of an ERP system is to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and provide accurate and real-time information for decision-making across the entire enterprise.

Key characteristics and features of an ERP system include:

ERP System

An ERP system serves as a backbone for an organization's operations, helping departments work together cohesively, optimizing resource allocation, reducing manual tasks, and improving overall efficiency. Implementing an ERP system can lead to increased productivity, reduced operational costs, better decision-making, and a more agile response to changes in the business environment. Additionally, ERP enabled professional services automation lets your organisation to focus on what it does best by reducing administration time.

Why Use A NetSuite Certified Systems Accountant?

Using a NetSuite certified consultant with accounting expertise can bring several advantages when implementing or optimising the NetSuite platform.

NetSuite Certified Consultant

NetSuite is a comprehensive cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that covers various functions such as financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, e-commerce, and more. Here are some reasons why using a certified NetSuite consultant can be beneficial:

Consultant Benefit

Expertise and Knowledge: NetSuite certified consultants have undergone official training and certification programs provided by NetSuite. This means they have a deep understanding of the platform's features, capabilities, and best practices. They can provide insights and recommendations tailored to your specific organisation's needs.

Consultant Benefit

Problem Solving: When issues or challenges arise during the implementation or after, a certified consultant can troubleshoot problems and find solutions quickly due to their extensive knowledge of the system.

Consultant Benefit

Customisation and Configuration: NetSuite is highly customisable to suit different business processes. A certified consultant can help you configure the system according to your requirements, ensuring that your processes are efficiently supported.

Consultant Benefit

Integration and Data Migration: If you need to integrate NetSuite with other systems or migrate data from existing systems, a certified consultant can ensure a seamless process, reducing the risk of data loss or disruptions. Please read our integration service page to find out more.

Consultant Benefit

Optimal Implementation: Implementing an ERP system like NetSuite can be complex. Certified consultants have experience in planning and executing successful implementations. They can help you define project scope, create implementation strategies, and ensure a smooth rollout.

Consultant Benefit

Scalability and Growth: As your charity or social enterprise evolves, your ERP system needs to adapt. Certified consultants can help you plan for scalability, ensuring that NetSuite continues to meet your needs as your organisation grows.

Consultant Benefit

Efficient Training: A NetSuite certified consultant can provide training to your team, ensuring that your employees are well-versed in using the system effectively. This minimises the learning curve and maximises the return on your investment.

Consultant Benefit

Risk Mitigation: ERP implementation projects carry inherent risks, such as budget overruns or project delays. Certified consultants can help mitigate these risks by following established methodologies and best practices.

Consultant Benefit

Best Practices: Certified consultants are up-to-date with the latest best practices in ERP implementation and usage. They can guide you in making informed decisions about how to structure your business processes within the system.

Consultant Benefit

Vendor Relationship: Certified consultants often have direct connections to NetSuite and can facilitate communication with the vendor when necessary. This can be especially helpful in resolving technical issues or gaining access to support resources.

Our NetSuite practice can help your charity if:

NetSuite Practice
  • You have a lack of insight or limited reporting facilities
  • You are looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • You're undergoing rapid expansion
  • You have recently merged with another charity 
  • You're struggling with ageing applications and infrastructure

In summary, NetSuite certified consultants bring specialised knowledge, experience, and a track record of successful implementations to your organization. Their expertise can help you make the most of the NetSuite platform, optimize your charity processes, and achieve your goals more effectively.

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