NetSuite Implementation Services

What is a NetSuite Implementation?​

NetSuite is a tried and tested pre-built cloud-based finance system, allowing for a rapid, low risk deployment. “Adopt not adapt” is the phrase we use to describe our approach. A NetSuite implementation is not a new software build, but simply means shifting the target organisation’s data onto the new software and ensuring that personnel are trained to use it.

The principle it is based on is a “single source of truth” model, where all data sits within the cloud as a single entity. This is the opposite of different departments having their own spreadsheets which must be reconciled manually by accountants. The bulk of the implementation pre go live is ensuring the data architecture of the organisation is ready for the cloud. If you want to find out more, please read our implementation guide.

Why use a NetSuite partner?​

A NetSuite implementation typically uses a mixture of NetSuite consultants, developers and accountants. While you could piece together a team of freelance consultants and developers on your own to help you through a NetSuite implementation, doing so tends to drive up the price and complexity. Accredited NetSuite partners capture the best implementation talent and treat your NetSuite implementation with the attention it needs to stay on track, on budget, and be successful!

Cloud Doing Good's Approach

Here at Cloud Doing Good, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to NetSuite Implementation and our focus on charities and socially minded organisations. Our services are explicitly tailored toward the individual needs charities have, allowing them to reap the benefits of NetSuite.

Cloud Doing Good works across our client’s departments to build a consensus and understanding around NetSuite, speeding up NetSuite adoption and reducing both inter and intra organisational frictions.

Cloud Doing Good provides a comprehensive suite of NetSuite Professional Services designed to support the full lifecycle of an implementation. We are based in Bordon (Hampshire) and espouse a face-to-face model. 

We believe in onshoring, where the best and the brightest are supported to migrate to the UK, meaning our clients can work alongside NetSuite consultants at the forefront of their field.

Cloud Doing Good’s NetSuite 

Implementation process

NetSuite Practice
  • Engage: Cloud Doing Good starts by understanding the unique needs and goals of the charity, ensuring that the NetSuite implementation aligns with their specific mission and operations. This preparation is essential for ensuring your NetSuite implementation goes to plan.
  • Drive: Cloud Doing Good tailors NetSuite to the charity's unique requirements, creating custom fields, forms, and workflows to streamline processes such as donor management, program tracking, and financial reporting. Within this process, additional NetSuite modules and Suite Apps can be integrated into the platform, depending on your unique needs. A significant aspect of Drive is data conversion and migration.
  • Enable: Comprehensive training is provided to charity staff to ensure they can effectively use NetSuite, promoting user adoption and maximizing the system's benefits. Our NetSuite implementation consultants can guide your team through the new system. Testing NetSuite within a sandbox environment is also a vital aspect of the “Enable” component.
  • Convert: This is the final part where the organisation shifts away from the legacy system onto NetSuite. Ongoing assessment and optimization help ensure that the charity is using NetSuite to its fullest potential, making continuous improvements based on evolving needs. After the go live, we continue to provide end user support. After the project ends, we can then work with clients to discuss future planning and integrations beyond the implementation.

What implementation means

for your organisation

Donor and Fund Management

Implement features to manage donor relationships, track donations, and maintain fund accounting to control restricted and unrestricted funds separately.

Programme Tracking

Configure NetSuite to monitor the progress and impact of the charity's various programmes and initiatives, allowing for data-driven decision-making. Programme tracking makes it easy to demonstrate results to key stakeholders and trustees. ​

Financial Management

Set up features for managing donations, grants, budgeting, and expense tracking, ensuring accurate allocation of funds to different initiatives.

Reporting and Transparency

Develop customized reports and dashboards that provide transparency, showcasing how funds are utilized and the impact of the charity's work, which is essential for maintaining donor trust.

Volunteer Management

Implement volunteer management tools to track volunteer hours, skills, and contributions, making it easier to engage with and coordinate volunteers effectively.

Grant Management

If the charity relies on grants, Cloud Doing Good can set up grant management features to handle the full grant lifecycle, from application to reporting, ensuring compliance with grant requirements.

Data Security and Compliance

Robust security measures are established to protect donor and financial data, and compliance with relevant regulations and nonprofit accounting standards is ensured. NetSuite is externally audited to SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC2 Type 2 standards while maintaining ISO 27001 and 27018, PCI DSS and PA-DSS.


Automation features reduce manual data entry and streamline administrative tasks, allowing the organization to focus on its core mission.


The NetSuite implementation is designed to accommodate the charity's growth, whether that involves increased donor interactions, programme expansion, or expanding the organisation's reach. To allow for scalability, we focus on implementing the ERP system first then add additional apps as needed.

Impact Measurement

Features are put in place to track and report on the impact of the charity's programs and initiatives, helping to demonstrate accountability to donors and stakeholders. These impact metrics can be analysed and compared alongside financial data.

NetSuite Implementation FAQs

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