Our Approach

What makes us different?

While many believe innovative technology is the answer, it's only part of the solution.

Because nothing changes without people.

We deliver enthusiastic, confident end users, not just a system.

  • NetSuite certified, professional body qualified system experts
  • Embedded change management from NetSuite experts
  • Delivering enthusiastic, confident end users
  • Your strategic vision implemented

Who you deal with

A professional services team with 50+ years combined NetSuite experience, professional body qualifications (CPA,CIMA) and Big 4 (Deloitte, EY) experience. 

Design thinking

Our team work with you to document the specification of your system requirements, and get a full understanding of the "day in the life of" for each user and align your business with NetSuite’s leading practices. From the outset we ensure everyone is engaged with the project.

System configuration

Our team work on site and remotely to ensure the system configuration, customisation and integrations are correct to meet your organisational needs, as NetSuite is deployed in over 27,000 organisations you benefit from that shared experience and knowledge base.


Building deep flexibility, APIs and pre-built connectors, we have the expertise to ensure that NetSuite is fully integrated to every part of your organisation.

Data Migration

Cloud Doing Good work will work with you to manage data migration from your existing platforms into your NetSuite. We take existing data and reporting, that users are familiar with, and load it into NetSuite to enable all users to familiarise themselves with the system prior to going live. Familiarity with existing data greatly aids user adoption.

Stairway approach

Intelligent staged approach via NetSuite’s industry stairway allows companies to consume capabilities and system development based on their business needs. A re-imagined consumption model drives faster time to value, better ROI and greater user adoption. We start with the issues that are most important to your organisation rather than force a predetermined apprach.

Optimise your future

You benefit from continuous engagement, updated leading practices, new feature releases, value added movement up the stairway. As NetSuite is cloud based you are always on the latest release.